“Hard problems call for Hard Solutions”

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We are a small, independent, IT consultancy firm specialising in solving the trickiest problems - whether technical or business.

Whatever your IT problems, we'll find the solution.

On the Services page you'll see what type of work we undertake, the Case Studies indicate some of the general areas we've worked in.

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Quite often SMEs won't have dedicated IT departments, and the information they receive from third parties can sometimes be misleading or just plain wrong.

We pride ourselves on providing honest and impartial advice, without pushing specific services, even our own. The key to getting the right things out of your IT is to have the right solution for your business. We'll talk through your IT requirements with you, gain an understanding of what your business is, what it needs, and then advise on the best way forward.

Not all solutions need to be IT solutions - the right end can often be achieved simply by working through the problem areas, and identifying simple changes to working practices.


Skilled in a number of programming languages, and development methodologies, we can provide development skills for as little as a day, or for a fixed timescale, relating to a specific project or demand you might have.

For PHP, Ruby, Java, C, C++, or any .net language, we can fit the right person to your need.


See our 'Utilities' page for downloadable items of software we've released to the public.

Website Builds

For the majority of smaller businesses requiring a web presence, a simple Wordpress site might be enough. Others might prefer a more customised solution. Contact us to talk through what you need from your website ... maybe your original website is showing its age, or simply needs a refresh. We'll talk through your requirements, and devise the best way forward.

Examples of website builds

Local residents' information website (WordPress)

Beeston Rylands home page

Leisure site for organising attendance

Leisure site main page

Customer support site

Customer support site

Mercia Cycling Club

Cycling club

Case Studies

Message Brokering

Providing the glue between a bespoke XML-based remote system, and a large number of disparate client systems, each using its own message formats, and different communication requirements.

Database Design

Designing and building a enterprise-level databases.

Sports Website

Installing and porting an existing site using Ruby on Rails Radiant CMS for a local cycling club.


Formed in 2009, and collectively with over 100 years of experience across a variety of IT fields, we have built up a small collection of valued customers.

Our skill-sets range across the spectrum of IT technologies:

  • from mainframes to smartphones
  • from COBOL to HLASM, via Java, Ruby, and C/C++
  • from simple web design to complex, enterprise-class multi-tiered architecture
  • from projects lasting a single day, to those lasting several years

Our technical expertise has met and solved an array of problems for our customers.

Please use our Contact Form to find out more.